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When Can I Expect Delivery?


Electronics wholesale distributors delivery is something that you probably find as the most desprale moment, but your electronics wholesale distributors go through this same process. Once the order detail is finalized:

  1.       The amount to be paid is fixed.
  2.       The payment clearance date and time is estimated.
  3.       The arrival date and time of the forwarder’s vehicle is established.
  4.       The expected date and time that the vehicle will be ready to go is set.

Electronics wholesale distributors delivery: The Loading Phase

For our segment of the delivery process, the clock starts once the payment has cleared, the forwarder’s vehicle is on site and it is ready to load. The clock stops when the doors are closed, the shipping documents are prepared, and the vehicle is ready to leave.

Electronics wholesale distributors delivery: The Delivery Phase

Your freight forwarder bears the bulk of the responsibility for a speedy transit and delivery, at least on FTL shipments. LTL shipments may be a different story due to additional stops so you can have your electronics wholesale distributors delivery.

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