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What Are the Minimum Order Amounts?


Wholesale electronic distributors, like all other distributors, profit by filling large orders at small markups, bringing you more profits and saving time. They can do this because distributors have lower costs than retail stores for several reasons.

  • It is easier and cheaper for a distributor to ship 20 refrigerators to a single destination anywhere by a truck than it is to send 20 refrigerators individually all over the country, right?.
  • Distributors don’t incur the costs and risks associated with credit cards, so it’s safer.
  • Sales tax collection is not the responsibility of the distributor, something to have in mind.

Minimum Order Amount Estimate is $5,000 for wholesale electronic distributors

Depending on the mix of products ordered, the actual minimum may vary. Ambar Distributors LLC sells a wide range of products, from small and less expensive to large and more expensive. The only sure way to see if your order satisfies the minimum order amount is to discuss your order with one of our sales representatives but our minimum order amount estimate is $5,000 for wholesale electronic distributors.

Ask Us About Our Minimum for wholesale electronic distributors

If this is an important issue for you, let’s discuss it. Visit our Contact page where you will find an online form, an email address for sales and our phone number, so you can have all the offers and special products in wholesale electronic distributors.