Air Conditioner and Generators Distributor

Air Conditioner and Generators Distributors

Ambar Distributors, Llc #1 Distributor and Wholesaler in leading worldwide sales since 2009 for Brand New Air conditioners and Generators wholesale Distributors in Miami Fl, United States. Delivers a one of a kind Factory Direct wholesale volume distribution as your one stop shop distributor with excellent prices on Air conditioners and generators for Comersial and residential use.
Ambar Distributors, Llc featuring a large portafolio of brands in stock like Electrolux, Frigidaire, Carrier, Ford, Pulsar among others.
Ambar Distributors, Llc Its proud to offer the most recent and up to-date models for all your needs for Comersial and residential use
Ambar Distributors, Llc strive to become your most reliable factory direct wholesale Distributor, as a one-stop shop for all your Air conditioners and Generators needs with the Best price in the market.
Ambar Distributors Llc, buy for less and sell for less. “TOGETHER WE’LL GO FORWARD”